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I have been very fortunate for the last ten years to be associated with a video program called Fly/In Cruise/In Video Magazine, created by program director Inge Harte. This program is televised weekly on several cable systems in the United States. The program features antique and classic vehicles and all types of aircraft including warbirds, homebuilts and classics. We highlight not only the vehicles and aircraft, but also the very interesting people that are associated with them. As a result of doing this program I have had the privilege of interviewing some very fascinating individuals. We have been asked by many of you for a listing of these programs. These programs are now available on DVD. These programs are 30 minutes in length except for the 1-hour programs that are noted. ~ Ray Johnson

Here is a listing of current programs available. For more information on these programs contact:

Program #4 - Featuring:
Mike Vanlandingham - 1938 Chevrolet Pickup
Jim Kirkpatrick - Lohee P-51-51 Homebuilt Airplane
Larry Williams - 1923 Ford Roadster T- Bucket

Program #5 - Featuring:
KC-135 Re-Fueling Mission
Re-Fuel a B-52 Superfortress (Air to Air)
Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN

Program #6 - Featuring:
Pat Wegner - 1947 Stinson Voyager
Marge Balazs - United Airlines Pilot (Boeing 777)
Helen Felice - U.S. Army Pilot (Golden Knights Parachute Team)
Kris Ward - Golden Knights Parachute Team Jumpmaster

Program #7 - Featuring:
Capt. Wesley P. Miller - USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration Team
LT. James Garrigan - C-5A Galaxy Transport
John Marsh - Grissom Air Museum

Program #8 - Featuring:
Jim & John Shuttleworth - Wings Of Freedom Museum
Jeff Williams - SNJ-6
T-6 & SNJ Formation Flying (Air to Air Video)

Program #9 - Featuring:
Converse, IN Flying Eagles Radio Control Airplane Club
Buford Wilkes & Howard Martz
Radio Control Flying

Program #10 - Featuring:
Wilbur & Joyce Hostetler - 1966 Pontiac GTO
Butch Walsh - 1947 Stinson 108-2

Program #11 - Featuring:
Sean D. Tucker - Skydancing Aerobatics
Julie Clark - T-34 Aerobatics (MOPAR)

Program #12 - Featuring:
Marcus Winslow - Cousin of the late actor James Dean
& his 1957 Ford Skyliner hardtop convertible.
Rod Benson - T-28 Airplane
Chaz Middletown - Spanish Vintage Jet.

Program #13 - Featuring:
Edward Kake - Indiana Warbird Squadron
Mark Pennington - S-2F1 Gruman Tracker (Navy antisubmarine)
Duane Carroll - Tracker Pilot
Albert Olyinger - 1951 Studebaker Starlight Coupe.
Eddie Merchant - Star Aerobatic Team (3 - Pitts Specials)

Program #14 - Featuring:
Greg Hahn - National R/C Competition Champion.
Irvin Mount - Vintage R/C Aircraft.
200 Radio Control Aircraft Display
Maj. Jeff Traver - Air National Guard F-16 Fighter Pilot. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Program #15 - Featuring: (1-Hour Special Program)
1997 Fly/In Cruise/In - 300 Antique & Classic Vehicles & Aircraft
Charles Cole - 1952 Cessna 170B.
Pat Wegner - 1947 Stinson 108.
Marge Balaz - United Airlines 777 Pilot.
Dwight Purdy - Gyrocopter.
Larry Coleman - 1929 Ford Roadster,
John Shuttleworth P-51 Mustang.
Ira Sherman - Vintage Indian Motorcycles.
Russ Crumwine - 1954 Chevrolet Custom Coupe.
1931 Tri-Motor Stinson.

Program #16 - Featuring:
Nelson Stoltz - 1940 Willys Coupe. (Dragster)
Tom Klassen - Russian Sukoui Aerobatic Pilot.

Program #17 - Featuring: (1-Hour Special Program)
Collins Foundation B-17 & B-24 Bomber Airplanes.
Eight W.W. II B-17 & B-24 Veterans share experiences.

Program #18 - Featuring:
John Rodkey - (Grand Poobah) Flies Aeronca Chief(11AC) across U.S.A.
Sgt. Bill Brooks - Indiana State Police Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter.

Program #19 - Featuring:
Radio Control Model Fly/In (Friends Day) Converse Indiana - Flying Eagles RC Club

Program #20 - Featuring:
Part #1 - 1998 Fly/In Cruise/In Pancake Breakfast.
Joe Kirkwood - Diamond Aircraft Motor Glider. (Katana Extreme)
Robert Westfall - 1957 Studebaker Transtar Pickup.
Ronald Westfall - 1948 B.F. Avery Model A Vintage Tractor.
Rick & Brenda McDaniel - 1940 Willys Pickup Truck.
Part #2 - 1998 Fly/In Cruise/In Pancake Breakfast.
Marvin Dunlap - Regional Director of ErCoupe Organization.
Featuring a fleet of ErCoupes.
Christian Motorcycle Association.
George Mock - 1944 Cessna UC-78 Bobcat (Bamboo Bomber).
Team Aviation Financial - Extra 300 Flying Team featuring Marcus Schrenker.
Star Aerobatic Team - Pitts Special S2-B (260 H.P.)

Program #21 - Featuring:
KC-135 Stratotanker Re-Fueling Mission (1999)
Re-Fuel A RC-135 Reconnaissance Jet. (Air to Air)
Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN

Program #22 - Featuring:
1929 Model A Ford - Jerry Allgood - Marion, Indiana 1929 Tri-Motor Ford
(Experience a ride at the Fly/In Cruise/In)

Program #23 - Featuring:
General Robin Olds - W.W. II (Ace)
With some actual combat footage.
P-51 Mustang Scatt VII at 1998
434th Fighter Squadron Reunion
Huntington, IN

Program #24 - Featuring:
Jim Shuttleworth - P-51 Mustang Scatt VII (Owner)
Gen. Kyle Riddle - Riddles Raiders
Gen. Robin Olds - Flying Ace (Scatt VII)
Sgt. Glenn Wold - W.W. II P-51 Mustang Crew Chief.

Program #25 - Featuring:
434th Fighter Squadron Memorial Service

Program #26 - Featuring:
1999 Fly/In Cruise/In Pancake Breakfast.
Frank Sperandio - 1953 Pacer (Miss Pearl)
Chuck & Linda Furgason - 1989 Pulse Enclosed Motorcycle
Butch Walsh - Grand Champion Stinson 108 -5. (1999 Oshkosh)

Program #27 - Featuring:
Antique & Classic Fire Truck Muster
Gas City, Indiana - Mark Storey

Program #29 - Featuring:
Carlson Aircraft Sparrow II (Kit built Airplane)
Bill Thompson - Marion, Indiana

Program #30 - Featuring:
10th Annual Fly/In Cruise/In - Marion, Indiana
1929 Tri- Motor Ford & the Volunteers who fly it.
1931 Model A Delivery Van - Chet Garner
Gold Wing Road Riders Association Chapter B-2

Program #31 - Featuring:
Tuskegee Airmen at Huntington, Indiana
Harold Gaulden - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Louis Hill - Indianapolis, Indiana
Walter Palmer - Indianapolis, Indiana
T-6 Flying

Program #32 - Featuring:
Margaret Ringenberg - 80 year old Pilot
WW II WASP, Air Racing Pilot & Author
"Girls Can't Be Pilots"

Program #33 - Featuring:
Mad River Fly/In - Tremont City, Ohio
Paul Gould - Aeronca Chief (11AC) - Reserve Grand Champion Oshkosh 2001
Brian Matz - Ohio Chief Association & Aeronca Chief owner.
Paul Weaver - WWI replica airplane (Flybaby)

Program #34 - Featuring:
2001 Fly/In Cruise/In highlights incuding the B-17 Yankee Lady
WW II B-17 Veterans
Norm Ellickson - B-17 Crew Chief (Yankee Lady)
Parkview Hospital Samaritan Helicopter & medical personnel.
Jim Parish - 1951 Mercury.

Program #35 - Featuring:
Steve Brenner - 1970 Chevelle (396 Big block)
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon (1944) over water Patrol Bomber.
Rob Lock - 1929 New Standard Bi-plane.
2001 Fly/In Cruise/In Highlights.
Paul Weaver - Replica WW II airplane.
Perry Miller - 1934 Ford (Indiana Kid)

Program #36 Featuring:
Bob Johnson - 1935 Plymouth street rod..
Phil Adrianson - Buckeye powered parachute.

Program #37 Featuring:
Ryan McCall - Rotorway kit built helicopter.
Jerry Cole - 1947 Indian Chief motorcycle.

Program #38 Featuring:
Rich Davidson - Lee Bottom Airport. Hanover, Indiana. (Wood, Fabric & Tailwheels Fly/In)
Ginger Gordon - RV-3 homebuilt airplane.
Mike Williams - 1940 British Tiger Moth.

Program #39 Featuring:
John Worlick; Pilot, flies 1911 Wright Flier into New Castle, Indiana Airport
Damon Combs - 1940 Panel Delivery Vehicle
Bob Taylor, Dave Chew * Gary Bussel - North Park Mall Radio Control Aircraft Show, Marion, Indiana
Highlights from the 13th annual Fly/In Cruise/In, Marion, Indiana (MZZ)

Program #40 Featuring:
Jim Richardson - Step back in time and visit a totally
authentic 1950's village called A Summer Place (Barber Shop, Diner, Gas
Station, Theatre, Fire Station & 1950's artifacts)
Will Ward - Pilot's a Chinese-built Mig 17 at the 13th
annual Fly/In Cruise/In, Marion, Indiana Municipal Airport
Highlights from the 13th annual Fly/In Cruise/In.

Program #41 - Featuring:
John Rutan - High performance Airboat (River ride)
Dennis Bollhoefer - Vintage Gas Pumps

Program #42 - Featuring:
The B-25D (Yankee Warrior) & crew
WWII B-25 Veterans - David Benjamin & Edward Murphy
Scott Staggs - 1967 Chevrolet Malibu

Program #43 - Featuring:
Flying Gliders - (Central Indiana Soaring Society)
Model "A" Fords visit the Fly/In Cruise/In (Old Fort Model "A" Club)
Highlights of the 15th annual Fly/In Cruise/In (2005)

Program #44 - Featuring:
Charles Meyer - 1956 Ford F-100 (Original)
Ken Weger & Steve Schmidt - Lite Star / Pulse Autocycles
Jim Bede - Aircraft and Autocycle Designer
Leo Doyle - Retired FBI Spy Van
Col. Gail Halvorsen - (Original Candy Bomber - From the Berlin Airlift)
Tim Chopp - Chief Pilot of the C-54 "Spirit of Freedom"
Jim Stover - Auburn Car Replica

Program #45 - Featuring:
Tom Wadsworth - 1956 Cessna 172 - Roswell, NM
Leigh Smith - C-47 "Black Sparrow" - WW II Veterans
Lee Dunn - 1930 Model "A"
Jim Bede - Autocycle & Aircraft Designer

Program #46 - Featuring:
Dick Enochs - BTW Triker Club
Dan & Scott Miller - 1967 Chevolet Super Sports
Col. Gail Halvorsen - C-54 "Candy Bomber
Tim Chopp - Chief Pilot - C-54 "Spirit Of Freedom"
Tom Risk - North East Indiana GTO Club

Program #47 - Featuring:
Michael Melvill - First Commercial Astronaut - "Spaceship One"
Richard Darlington - Commercial Pilot & FBO - Marion, Indiana
Ron & Pam Smith - VariViggen Airplane
KC-135 - Re-Fueling Mission - F-16 Fighter Jets

Program #48 - Featuring:
**Central Indiana Ethanol Plant**

Program #49 - Featuring:
Richard Winger / Museum
Bill Summerfield / Pilot Helicopter
Richard Ennnis /1918 Buick Tractor
Highlights from 17th FlyIn CruiseIn

Program #50 - Featuring:
Richard Winger Part II
Mig 17 with Will Ward
Overview B17-G visit to Marion 2009

Program #51 - Featuring:
Central Indiana Ethanol - Marion, Indiana
Central Indiana Ethanol Flying Team
We take a tour of this modern facility.
Made from midwest grown corn.

Program #52 - Featuring:
Lee Bottom Flying Field - Hanover, Indiana
Wood, Fabric, & Tailwheels Fly/In
Rich & Ginger Davidson - Proprietors
Lockheed Electra Jr.12A with Joe Sheperd
Sam Lyons - Aviation Art
Volunteer - John Stuart

Program #53 - Featuring:
Fly/In Cruise/In - Marion, Indiana
Litestar Pulse Autocycle National Convention - Marion, Indiana
What is a Litestar / Pulse Autocycle?
Meet the very interesting people who own Autocycles.

Program #54 - Featuring:
More Autocycle owner highlights
B-17G Bomber "Yankee Lady visits the Fly/In Cruise/In.
Meet World War II Veterans who served on B-17G Bombers.
Meet the crew who maintains & flies "Yankee Lady" a restored W.W. II B-17G Bomber.

Program #55 - Featuring:
Tim Beeks - Warren, Indiana Area Antique Tractor Club
David Bradford - 1943 McCormick Farmall H
WW II B-17G Bomber "Yankee Lady"
WWII Veterans
Gene Estle - Marion, Indiana
Jack Evans - Marion, Indiana
Ray Miller - Indianapolis, Indiana
Linda Furgason - Autocycle Owner
Jim Bede - Autocycle & Aviation Designer

Program #56 - Featuring:
Larry Carter - Rat Rod "Voodoo Garage
Dave Hinds -1959 Farmall 560 Diesel.
Dave Bradford - 1947 International AI Tractor
Jerry Wilson - 1955 John Deere Model 60

Program #57 - Featuring:
Joe Shepherd - 1936 Lockheed Electra
Pat Wegner - Portrays Amelia Earhart
Brad Woodring - 20th anniversary Fly/In Cruise/In
Chad & Jeff Wells - Pulse Autocycle
Jerry Williams - 1931 Model "A" Mail Truck
Judy Birchler - Ladies Love Taildraggers

Program #58 - Featuring:
Charlie Vermillion - R/C Pilot & Builder
Joe Maloni - 1935 International Pickup

Program #59 - Featuring:
Leigh Smith - Flying at Lee Bottom - Hanover, Indiana
Mike & Sherry Finney - Plans built Clipped Wing Cub
Donna Harman - 1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Program #60 - Featuring:
Converse, Indiana R/C Flying Eagles
Warren, Indiana area Antique Tractor Club Plow Day
Mississinewa Reservoir Fall Flying

Program #61 - Featuring:
Donna Harmon - 1968 GTO Convertable
Judy Birchler - Rans S7 Airplane
Joyce Willcox - 1963 Minneapolis Moline Jet Star Two Tractor
Red Star Pilots Association
American Huey 369
Brandon Howard - Elvis Impersonator

Program #62 - Featuring:
Pilot Laura Stants & her North American T-6
Don Fortney Korean War Navy Veteran
Jim Paul Korean War Navy Veteran
Dave Folk 1947 F4U Corsair Pilot
Linda Furgason Pulse Autocycle Owner
Royce Ann Martin Pulse Autocycle Owner
Judy Johnson Pulse Autocycle Owner
Ron North 1970 Plymouth Superbird

Program #63 - Featuring:
Korean War Veterans in their homes.
Don Fortney Gas City, Indiana
Jim Paul Wabash, Indiana
Dave Folk 1947 F4U Corsair
Fall Flying Mississinewa Reservoir

Program #64 - Featuring:
10th annual Seaplane Splash-In (Angola, Indiana)
Randy Strebig Fort Wayne, Indiana (Pilot)
Tom & Rhonda Brown La Porte, Indiana
Don Hallack Hart, Michigan (Pilot)
Allison Wheaton Fort Wayne, Indiana (Pilot)
Fly/In Cruise/In Overview

Program #65
Featured Pilots:
Bill Finney Cessna Birddog
Justin Lewis & Jim Bede - FLS Micro-Jet
Bill Doss PT Cruiser Fallen Heroes
John Brill & Mike Grindle Pulse Autocycle
Tom Willcox Massey Harris Tractor
Fly/In Cruise/In Overview

Program #66
Don Slagle Antique truck collection
EAA - 5-AT Ford Tri Motor
Sam and Ivy Peachey - Highlander Airplane
Converse Flying Eagles Mall show.

Program #67
Seaplane Splash-In.
Featured Pilots:
Leigh Smith
Kim & Mike Monreal
Randy Strebig
Glenndale Flying Days
Pilots: Laura & Steve Stants
Fly/In Cruise/In
Try-cycle & Pancake contest.

Program #68
Rex & Karen Malott 1957 Chevrolet
Samaritan Helicpter & Crew.
Pilot: Tim Chopp C-54 "Spirit Of Freedom"
Try-cyle Race & Pancake Eating contest.

Program #69
Hal Canode Dragster Racer & builder.
Nelson Bell German car collection.
Jerry Losure International 400 & Corn Picker.

Program #70
Mike Rutherford - Hit and miss engine.
Gary Jackson - collector of race memorabilia.
Elwin Graham 1955 Ford one ton truck.
Troy Macvey - Cessna 195 Seaplane.
Gary Jackson Model train collection.

Program #71
Ed Blinn 1954 Buick Skylark.
Woody Jones Scratch built Hot Rod.
Bill & Debby Finney Cessna Birddog.
Keith Moser Amphibious
Kelly & Blake Brooks - Polaris Slingshot.
Leigh Smith - American Champion Scout.


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