Volunteer at the Fly/In Cruise/In

We have a need for volunteers from 5am until 2pm.  We will be serving food from 7am until noon.  The rest of the time is for set up, preparation and clean up.  We are asking volunteers to sign up for at least 2 hour shifts.

Check back for opportunities to help in the following positions:

Ticket sales - 4 individuals
Hostess starting at 6:30am - 4 individuals
Parking starting at 6:30am - 6 adults
Coffee making - 3 adults
Batter mixing - 3 adults
Batter runners - 2 adults
Sausage grills - 5 adults
Pancake griddles - 10 adults
Food servers - 7 adults
Drink table - 4 adults
Kitchen helpers - 3 adults
Clean up - 7 adults

Thank you for all you do in support of our community.